Our principles will guide the creation of a number of urban projects across Scotland and beyond. These projects may be in periphery housing estates, city suburbs or small towns.

Typically, the first step will involve the creation of a co-operative society able to acquire the freehold of their neighbourhood, normally held in public ownership. The Hometown Foundation will help them achieve this, paving the way for individual residents and proprietors to buy their own property. Where this is not feasible, the co-operative model will be modified to place as much of the scheme as possible within community ownership.

Each community will operate as a co-operative society. The residents will become shareholders in the overall enterprise and be responsible for the provision of most local services. Derelict housing and commercial premises will be made fit for purpose and the entire area will be renovated, creating employment, imparting skills and providing additional houses. These activities will all add value to the area.

In our often neglected urban areas, The Hometown Foundation will empower local communities. Together, we will build a better, brighter future and create opportunities for everyone to flourish.