The Hometown Foundation is to use the extensive knowledge that it developed to build the Owenstown new town to deliver benefits to existing communities.

Of all the specialities that were required to create Owenstown, education was regarded as the most crucial. The Foundation spent a great deal of time in consultation with educational experts, at home and abroad, to make sure that this aspect was right. We firmly believe that a good quality and inclusive education, irrespective of religion, background or wealth, forms the foundation of every successful society. It is vitally important that best practices are adopted so that not only can we keep up with our competitors, but we can help our children to achieve more prosperous and fulfilling lives as well.

HELP has investigated different ways to improve the overall provision of education in Scotland. This includes a scheme for pupils to get cost-effective additional tutoring on a co-operative basis, rather than one at a time, and a training facility to help teachers attain higher levels of proficiency and confidence within a supportive environment. However, the main priority at present is to help parents form autonomous schools to put head teachers in charge of education.

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